Made in the jungle of the Orinoco Delta

These unique hammocks are a masterpiece produced entirely according to the Warao people's traditions. These hammocks are fresh and cozy, stable, comfortable, and literally last for years. Making just one single hammock takes more than twelve weeks(!), from the making of the rope to the final product. A real jewel!

An hammock like no other in the world

These hammocks are fresh and cozy, stable, comfortable, and last for years. These rope hammocks have a very limited production and are produced in a sustainable way.

An ancient craft for your enjoyment

Our hammocks are quite simple, and have been produced under the same method for centuries using the same rope made of Muritia Flexuosa palm tree and essentially the same tools.

Just relax, and enjoy your hammock

These magic hammocks are 100% handmade. Making just one takes around 3 months because the people who make these hammocks do so in the middle of the jungle on the shores of a scenic river surrounded by parrots, monkeys, and huge trees. There are no schedules or production goals, no electricity, no 9-5 rat race, no cities, traffic, or stress. This unique production environment brings a certain magic to each finished product.


The experience of resting in one of these hammocks is pure magic, i'd describe lie down in the warao hammock as fresh, cozy, and relaxing, it's an holistic experience because you see, feel, and smell it. I've slept in one of these hammocks for more than 2 month and my back feels great, it's easy to relax, and you wake up totally rested. Sleeping in a "bed" made under exact the same process, using the same materials for over 9,000 year is really mystique.


The confection of the warao hammock use only the top leaves of the tree, they never cut the palm so the method is 100 % sustainable, the fibers are dried, until ready to be weaved into a single 3 mm yarn, suitable for the hammock web, no chemicals, no pollution, no waste.


The Warao Hammocks have a nice and unique texture, and are super strong and durable too, (remember warao language don't have the word "disposable"), a well preserve hammock is capable of lasting decades (we know that some of these hammocks have been in the same family for several generations with very little care), and just in case these rope hammocks can be mended by the warao people.
It's amazing to enjoy such an old piece of art firt discovered by the Spanish colonist in the America